Get Organized!

Now that you are learning how to coupon, it is important for you to be organized with your coupons… This way you will always be able to easily locate and use your coupons when you are ready to.

The best advice that I can give when it comes to organizing your coupons would be to invest in a binder, dividers, and baseball card holders.  You will want to separate your coupons into different categories in your binder so you don’t have to spend lengthy amounts of time searching for a specific coupon out of hundreds… and using baseball card holders makes it easy to visibly see what coupons you have, as well as the expiration dates.

Here is how I separate my coupons in my binder (you may find another way is better for you, use this as a guide)


1.  Breads

2.  Produce

3.  Salty Snacks (chips, pretzels, nuts, crackers, cookies, etc)

4.  Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, Breakfast/Cereal Bars, Power bars

5.  Peanut Butter & Jelly

6.  Fruit – canned, cups, applesauce, etc.

7.  Vegetables – canned, pickles, beans, etc.

8.  Pasta – dry noodles, sauces

9.  Soups – canned, broths & dry soup mix

10. Baking – flour, sugar, oil, cake mix, frosting, chocolate chips, etc

11. Breakfast – cereal, oatmeal, toaster pastries, pancake mix, syrup, etc

12. Prepared sides & Rice – Knorr sides, instant potatoes, Country Crock sides, etc

13. Condiments – ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, salad dressing, mayo, soy sauce, etc

14. Drinks – juice, drink mixes, hot cocoa mix, creamer powder, coffee, etc

15. Refrigerated – eggs, cheese, dairy, deli meats, dips, etc

16. Yogurt

17. Frozen – pizza, vegetables, meat, ice cream, frozen dinner rolls, etc

18. Candy

19. Baby

20. Reynolds/Ziplock – containers, wax paper, foil, plastic wrap, sandwich baggies, etc

21. Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc

22. Surface cleaners – Lysol, Swiffer, 409, toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, etc

23. Laundry – detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, etc

24. Dishwashing – dish soap, dishwasher detergents

25. Miscellaneous – batteries, office supplies, lighters, etc

26. Air Fresheners – candles, reed diffusers, plug ins, sprays, etc

27. Cold medicine, allergy medicine, pain relievers

28. Vitamins

29. First Aid – bandages, gauze, ointments, etc

30. Beauty – cosmetics, beauty tools, fragrances, etc

31. Oral care – toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss, whiteners, etc

32. Soap – body wash, cleansers, bar soaps, etc

33. Hair care – shampoo, hair colors, stylers, accessories, etc

34. Lotions

35. Shaving & Deodorant – razors, shaving cream, deodorant/antiperspirant

36. Feminine Hygiene – pads, tampons, liners, k-y, pregnancy tests, feminine wipes, etc

37. Bug sprays

38. Suntan lotions & oils

Another option for organizing your coupons would be to use either files if you have a safe spot to store them or gallon size baggies, that you can slip the insert into, and write the date of the inserts on them. That way when you see a deal that you want to buy, you can easily find the insert that you are looking for and clip it.  This method takes more time when you are preparing to shop, and you may not always have your coupons with you for unexpected purchases.  My binder goes to the stores with me so I can always quickly flip through to the appropriate section to look for coupons on products that I wasn’t intending to buy.  The binder method takes longer to clip all the coupons and file them but makes shopping and prepping soooo much faster and easier.  I always know what coupons I have with having my binder.

Another tip that I have when it comes to organizing would be to have separate envelopes, one for each of the store(s) that you shop at.  Write the name of the store on the envelope.  When making your shopping list(s), you can place all of the coupons that you will be using into the appropriate envelope with your list.  I also keep any rewards I have and any rainchecks I have in my store envelopes.  This will ensure that you have all the coupons you need before you head out, and make it easier to use them once in the store so you don’t have to go and pull all of them from the binder at the store… but i do still advise taking your binder along with you for any unforeseen deals that may pop up while you are shopping!


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