Extra Ways You Can Save More At CVS!

First, if you are not using an ExtraCare card yet, sign up for one.  It is FREE.  You can sign up at any CVS store, or online.  With this card, you are on your way to saving money when you shop at CVS by getting the sale prices and deals instead of paying full price without using your CVS ExtraCare card.

Have you signed up for the Beauty Club?   It is free.
For every $50 you spend on Beauty products (no time limit, just whenever you hit the $50) you earn a $5 ecb back… It generally takes 48 hours to hit the system after you have earned it, and it will print from the Magic Coupon Machine, or you can print it from your computer. I think you can select ‘add to card’ on the computer as well for it, but I don’t recommend using that option, as you have no control over where you spend it that way, it just automatically gets applied to your next purchase if you send it to your card instead of printing it. You will also receive a 10% off beauty pass just for enrolling, $3 ecbs on your birthday, and exclusive emails with coupons, tips and info on products just for being a member. I have also received coupons from the magic coupon machine that are specifically for being a beauty club member. It’s worth it. Extremely worth it.  Click HERE for more info or to join.

Another way to save at CVS?
Buy a Green Bag Tag for $0.99, (these are located by the registers) and use it every time you shop at CVS. (Use your own bag, or tell them you don’t need a bag). For every 4th day you use it (or every 4th store if you were to visit 4 different stores in 1 day) you earn a $1 ecb back. I’d say for every 4 transactions, but if you make 4 transactions in one store in one day it will not work like that, it will only work once per day per store. 🙂 Have a CVS near by? Break your transactions up into days instead of separating them in one day. I love that I have a CVS that is just a hop, skip and jump away from my house… it also makes it very easy for me to scan my ExtraCare card almost everyday to get all kinds of coupons… which leads me to…

SCAN YOUR EXTRACARE CARD on the Magic Coupon Machine! Not once, but scan it until it tells you “No more coupons available today – Try again tomorrow”… You may get a really great coupon each different day that you scan it, allowing you to get multiple products for free if the coupon is on a sale item priced low enough! A couple weeks ago I was able to get 2 free Snickers almost everyday that week, and a few weeks before that I was able to get 8 free travel size bottles of Tresemme shampoo/conditioners with the coupons I got from the machine that week. I have also gotten multiple free full size bottles of Suave lotion & other products. Coupons from the magic coupon machine vary from week to week.  Some customers get exclusive coupons, but you will always get coupons each time you scan (until that “No More Coupons Available Today – Try Again Tomorrow” pops up) and there are lots of good ones that we get, too!
And lastly for now at least, if you signed up for your ExtraCare card at a store, and haven’t registered your ExtraCare card online and provided your email, then do so! When you provide your email and information for your account you will earn ECBs just for registering! I think it was $4 I had received, but that was so long ago I am not 100% sure on it right now… either way, any extra savings in ECBs that you get is less money out of your pocket that you need to spend.


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