Commonly Used Abbreviations in Couponing

One important thing to know when you are just beginning to learn how to coupon shop is what all the abbreviations stand for!

Here is a list of the most commonly used abbreviations when writing about our shopping trips – whether it be an abbreviation for the coupon inserts, an abbreviation for the type of sale, type of coupon or reward, or the type of total…


P&G, PG = Procter & Gamble

RP = Red Plum

SS = SmartSource

GM= General Mills

If you see an abbreviation from above, the date of the insert and then the letter “R” (for example:  RP 7/29 R) it means it is a Regional coupon, not available in all areas.

MFR = Manufacturer coupon

$ / #  = usually you will see an amount of money in the first area, followed by a number – for example $0.50/1 – would be $0.50 off of 1 –  $3/2  would mean $3 off of 2 products.


BOGO – Buy One, Get One – this is usually followed by either FREE (BOGO FREE) or 50% off (BOGO 50% off) – this would mean to buy one at regular price, get a 2nd for either free or half price.

B1G1 – Same as above.

B2G1 – Buy 2 of the product at regular price, get a 3rd one for either free or half price, depending what follows the B2G1

#/$  – Indicates the number of product for what price – 2/$4 would mean 2 products for $4.

WYB – When you buy – an example: “Earn $4 Extra Bucks WYB 3 Product X”  – would indicate to buy 3 of Product X and you will receive $4 in Extra Bucks back.  Or “$0.45 ea after rewards wyb 5”  – would mean that price per product is $0.45 each when you buy 5.

OOP – Out of Pocket; How much you paid before rewards for the purchase(s) made.

MM- Money Maker – Usually means what you receive back in rewards is greater than what you spent out of pocket.

ECB – Extra Bucks – rewards offered at CVS.  These rewards were previously called “ExtraCare Bucks” but have recently been changed to “Extra Bucks”

+Up or +Up Reward – Rewards offered at Rite-Aid

RR – Register Rewards, the rewards offered at Walgreens.


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