Welcome to Paving the Way to Savings!

Paving the Way to Savings - Learn how to coupon shop and get some of the best deals!

Paving the Way to Savings

Welcome to Paving the Way to Savings!



I’M BACK!!!  For those of you who have been wondering where I dropped off to, I had my baby girl on November 6th! Now I am ready to try to get back into this again! So please have patience and bear with me, as now I have 2 babies at home with me to dedicate my time to instead of one… so this may not go quite the same as it was when I left off… BUT i will certainly start with the very best of what I am able to find for deals for you!! Thank you for following me 🙂

Carlianna Jade Castillo


This is where I’ll be posting some of the best couponing deals that I find, and how to get them at very little to no out of pocket cost!  This page was created as a guide to help you get started with saving like I do! Although I realize that some people may be like me and be seasoned couponers, I also realize that some of you may be brand new at couponing so I am going to try to make this as simple as possible to follow & learn! 🙂

I hope that this page will help to guide you off to a fantastic world of saving your money, too!
If you are here because you want to start saving your money or if you are just beginning to save then you will probably find the links to the top of the page helpful.   (If you are using a mobile browser or the mobile app look for “menu” on the top of the page).  Here you will find store coupon policies as well as helpful information, or you can download the mobile app 🙂
You can use the “FIND YOUR STORE” drop box to see what deals are available for specific stores, or for specific types of posts. This is on the top right of the page, or if you are using a mobile browser or the mobile app you may find this drop box at the bottom of the page.  You can also use the “Search Paving the Way to Savings” located below the “FIND YOUR STORE” on the top right side of the page, or it may be located next to “Menu” on the top right of your mobile view or mobile app.
This blog is still a work in progress, but I hope that you find it easy to follow along and will keep returning to continue to learn! I would love to know that I have helped someone to save the way that I do… It is an amazing feeling when you get to look around and smile at your growing stockpiles, knowing you paid next to nothing for them 🙂
Please share Paving the Way to Savings with your friends, too!

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